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We are here for you! 

We have basically one philosophy at the core of our mission statement. "Service the customer" We understand that with out your support, we would not exist and we are reminded of that on a daily basis. Nothing makes us happier than to see a customer's joy when they see the results of our hard work. Our core mission is to...

- Provide quality service at reasonable prices.
- Provide quality OEM and after market parts.
- Listen to the customer's goals and build around them
- Stand by our work.

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E-85, The race fuel of the future!

As we get more and more involved with E85 and FlexFuel builds, we are more and more surprised at the results we get every day. There is little about this fuel that can be considered bad and even the myths that are being repeated on the web are being disproven. When we are able to achieve nearly 50 to 100 HP gains with fuel alone, there is not much more convincing we need.



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