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Major Equipment

Hunter Hawkeye 3D laser alignment rack:

HawkEye EliteTM uses four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunte's patented QuickGripTM adaptors. QuickGrip adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage.

While previous alignment setups wasted valuable shop time, Hunter's HawkEye EliteTM can now present results in just 90 seconds!

Hunter TC3900 tire changer:


The TC3900 center-clamp tire changer features a standard bead press arm and leverless tool head to enhance ease-of-use and prevent damage to the tire and rim.

Features include:
    - Bead Press Arm
    - Blast Inflation
    - Adjustable Column
    - Leverless Tool Head
    - Center Clamp Design
    - Split Bead Roller system
    - Bead loosener

Hunter Road Force Touch balancer:


The Road Force Touch wheel balancer delivers exceptional balancing service and performs a Road Force and balance faster than a traditional wheel balance. The Road Force Touch solves wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancers can't fix. This machine detects non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper bead seat of tire to rim.

Features include:
    - Touchscreen Interface
    - eCal Auto-Calibration
    - Diagnostice Load Roller
    - SmartWeight Technology
    - Auto-up Hood
    - CenterCheck Centering Technology
    - BullsEye Centering System

DynoCom AWD5000 dynamometer:


The AWD 5000 series dynamometer is the world's most affordable chassis dynamometer. But don't let its price fool you; the AWD 5000 dynamometer is capable of supporting speeds up to 175+ MPH and 10,000 ft lbs of torque. The maximum axle weight is 6,000 lbs and the track width range is 36" - 86". The 5000 was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios - FWD/RWD/AWD Cars, Sport Compacts, Motorcycles and ATV's. Repeatability is a key feature of this dynamometer.

    - TORQUE: 5000 ft lbs
    - MAX SPEED: 175 MPH (155 linked)
    - ROLL DIAMETER: 8.5
    - POWER REQUIREMENTS: 220/240/280