Available Services

At Real Auto Dynamics, We wanted to create a total experience for our customers. One way to achieve that was to roll all possible services into one facility. A One-Stop-Shop if you will. Below is a list of our major services offered at this time.

Current Labor Rate: $110 (below typical market)

General maintenance and repair:

We are a full service shop with mechanics and technicians on hand to service you car for a simple oil change to full diagnostics and repair. Services include...

   - Brakes service and repair
   - Fluids service
   - Transmission service and repair
   - Differential and Axel service and repair
   - Engine tune-up and maintenance
   - Full engine diagnostics and repair
   - Full tire service
   - Full suspension service and repair

Labor plus material and parts



In-House full service wheel and suspension alignments using the state of the art Hunter Hawkeye 3D laser alignment rack. If a perfect alignment is your goal for track or street, This is the place to have it done!

Do you have a business and need to outsource your wheel alignment jobs? We can provide significant discounts to local businesses needing wheel alignment services and provide fast turnaround. Give us a call for greater detail.

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Tire & Wheel, mounting and balancing:

In-House wheel and tire mounting and balancing with the Hunter Road Force balancer and touch less mounting machine. This is the ideal system for custom rims and tires and is essential for keeping your high end high priced wheels in good shape during installation.

Do you have a business and need to outsource your tire mounting and balancing jobs? We can provide significant discounts to local businesses needing tire mounting services and provide fast turnaround. Give us a call for greater detail.

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Custom exhaust systems:

We know you want your ride to sound as good as it performs so we offer the industries best exhaust systems sold by only top manufacturers. If you are looking for something off the shelf or something unique, we can can provide you with what you want.

Labor plus material and parts


Custom installations:

Installations is another thing we do well. Our technicians have vast experience with installations of just about every kind from intercoolers and piping to turbos, superchargers, and intakes to standalone ECU's and gauges to coilovers, air ride suspension and upgraded braking systems to engines and transmissions. There is little we can't do! Our technicians and tuners have the knowhow to make it all work.

Labor plus material and parts


Engine, Transmission building:

Trust us to build your engine or transmission. We have assembled resources from around the country and use only well known American machinists and builders and have established a working relationship with some of the industries most reputable companies. Our in house assembly service will complete the circle and bring it all together for a home run. Like our tuning service, our engine building service is goal oriented. We will collaborate with the customer, component match everything and develop a build plan to suit their needs. We have a good understanding of oil clearances and bearing tolerances and have developed our own formulas based on real world knowledge and experience.

Labor plus material and parts


Suspension builds, Corner balancing:

Looking for that perfect stance or need a suspension for the track? From air ride suspension to 4x4 and off-road, we specialize in all manor of suspension modification. Our racing pedigree allows us to spec and build wining suspension configurations whether you autocross on the weekends or race professionally or just want that lowered look. From tarmac to snow, we got you covered!

Labor plus material and parts


Dyno Tuning:

We are a full tuning facility utilizing state of the art equipment and software. Our approach to tuning goes above and beyond most in the industry. Our tuners are goal oriented and are well in tune with the build team. Their knowledge extends well past the minutia of every day work. We come form pedigree and experience and that experience goes into every tune we do. Our engineering background gives us understanding and knowledge beyond that of typical shops. We often start with a customer's feedback to get a sense of what a particular vehicle's primary function is and we will tune to that goal. We will never exceed the limits of either ourselves or that of the car, and leave a margin for error in every tune. We will never just sell you parts. All members of the team, from concept to finish, consult with the tuners to get a sense for what is possible and achievable.

To us, the word "tune" is not something to be thrown around lightly. It is not a word to be use in second context but in harmony with a total build. The word "tune" has precision at it's heart and we take that very seriously. Every tune we perform reaches a level of precision very rarely seen in our industry. We are NOT sledge hammer tuners. We will, painstakingly, take the time to properly calibrate a tune to the parts being used and the performance requirements of the customer and the car. We will spend hours, even days to get it right. Safety is our biggest concern yet, a significant level of drivability and performance is our goal all while not gouging you with dyno time.

Beyond this we offer additional premium tuning services which adds street level tuning on top of the standard dyno tune for an unprecedented level of precision and smoothness and drivability that no others can achieve.


The most important tool in our arsenal is the Dynamometer. Our tool of choice is the Dynocom AWD 5000 All Wheel Drive dyno. This dyno is super reliable and requires little maintenance for consistent results every time. Repeatability is the most important attribute to a tuner because, as a tool, it allows us to see even tiny changes in a tune. This dyno has it in droves.


Our platform and software knowledge is extensive. Beyond just being a registered Cobb ProTuner for Porsche, GTR and Subaru, we are also a registered tuner for UpRev with the Nissan platform and EcuTek with Nissan and BRZ/FRS. But it doesn't stop there. We have great success and knowledgeable with the following platforms...

   - Cobb ProTuner
   - UpRev
   - EcuTek
   - HKS F-ConV Pro
   - NisTune
   - OpenSource (Tactrix) (carberry rom)
   - AEM, Series 1, Series 2, Infiniti
   - Haltech
   - HP Tuners
   - LS Edit

Standard Rates:
These rates are for standard tunes and typically represent common bolt-ons and known conditions.
Major builds will incur additions hourly charges depending on the requirements for achieving a successful tune.


Car Platform Fueling Single fuel Dual Fuel (Flex)
Porsche Cobb** MAF $600 $1100
Porsche Cobb** Speed Density $800 $1500
GTR Cobb** MAF $600 $1100
GTR Cobb** Speed Density $700 $1300
GTR (includes license) EcuTek MAF $950 $1450
GTR (Re-tune, excludes license) EcuTek MAF $600 $1100
GTR (includes license) EcuTek Speed Density $1050 $1650
GTR (Re-tune, excludes license) EcuTek Speed Density $700 $1300
Subaru Cobb**, Open Source MAF $500 $900
Subaru Cobb**, Open Source Speed Density $700 $1300
Nissan, Infiniti (includes license) UpRev MAF $650 --
Nissan, Infiniti (re-tune) UpRev MAF $400 --
Nissan, Infiniti (includes license) EcuTek MAF $750 --
Nissan, Infiniti (re-tune) EcuTek MAF $400 --
Standalone ECU AEM, Haltech Any $1200 $1800
All Others Any Any $600 (starting) $1200 (starting)
Premium street level tune adder Any Any $150 $300

** Cobb AccessPort not included

Wide Band bung installation: $45

Heavily modified cars may incur additional charges. Please contact us if you have questions!



Fabrication services include, but are not limited, to...

   - Custom brackets and ties
   - Custom mounting systems
   - Custom intercooler piping
   - Custom harnesses
   - Exhaust piping
   - All welding needs


Fabrication: Labor plus materials, minimum of $150
Welding: $35.00 per weld plus materials, minimum of $200



So your car can go fast and performs amazing, but what good is it if it doesn't look the part. Let us complete your experience with a good detailing. If it is just a wash or a full paint correction or Opti-Coat application you are looking for, we can serve.

Detail services include, but are not limited, to...

   - Stage 1, Foam wash, tire shine.
   - Stage 2, Foam wash, interior cleaning, tire shine.
   - Stage 3, Foam wash, interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, tire shine, spray wax.
   - Stage 4, Foam wash, interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, tire shine, hand wax.
   - Stage 5, Foam wash, interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, tire shine, clay bar, hand wax/sealant.

A la carte services:

   - Engine bay cleaning.
   - Headlight restoration.
   - Leather clean and condition.
   - Carpet shampoo.
   - Opti-Coat (2yrs).
   - Pro-Coat (5yrs).
   - Paint correction (preliminary inspection required)


  Cars SUV Truck
Stage 1 $25 $30 $35
Stage 2 $35 $40 $45
Stage 3 $45 $55 $60
Stage 4 $60 $75 $80
Stage 5 $85 $100 $125

A La Carte

Engine bay cleaning $30
Headlight restoration $25
Leather clean and condition $30
Carpet shampoo $25
Opti-Coat (2yrs) $800
Pro-Coat (5yrs) $1100
Paint correction $250 and up